Hey, I'm Joel: a native of Youngstown, Ohio, and current resident of NYC. I am a proud owner of a couch, a cat, and a camera. It's entirely possible the cat is running the show. 


"But the real brilliance was seen in Joel Stigliano, as Meredith’s ultra-loving quiet-like-a-saint husband.  Stigliano had the play’s moral and meaningful lines and delivered them with great power while never raising so much as a whisker."


"... but it's the amazing work by Joel Stigliano as Todd that gets the loudest laughs in this evening of thigh slappers. Stigliano is a master comic, using both his physical looks and notable verbal skills that reduces the audience to helpless gigglers holding their sides, with his spot on Scottish accent."

--The River Weekly News


“The reed-thin Joel Stigliano shines as bumbling best friend Stanley Gardner …”
--Naples News

“Stigliano will have you in stitches…”
--River Weekly News


“Joel Stigliano does a wonderful comic turn as Newton’s Uncle Stanley”
--Wicked Local

“Swanson and Stigliano are marvelously funny”
--Barnstable Patrio


"Joel Stigliano is a Hook amongst Hooks, [a] more adorable evilness can only be achieved by an entire basket full of naughty kittens."